Buy a Parrot

Buy a Parrot

Parrots can make excellent pets, but they are not for everyone. Most of the parrots can end up homeless within a couple of years from their purchase due to the amount of work that their owners would have to do. So save yourself the amount of time spent looking for a parrot, when you are here for the quick fix.

First of all, you need to understand the basic necessities and define what is a parrot. If you want a bird that is less playful, but can definitely mimic you, then you are actually looking out for a parrot. If there is a lot of extensive work to be done, then that is some other species of birds.

The parrot can cost you anywhere between $ 20-$ 20,000. These are the extremes that you should be prepared for. If you are willing to go for a quality parrot, then it can cost you in the upper regions of about $ 4-$ 5000. Hence, it is important for you to define your financial spending and budget before you search for a quality parrot.

You also need to create a monthly budget for the parrot. You need to make sure that you are financially stable to do so, and spending about $ 50 per month is more than enough for you to keep your parrot in the wonderful condition that he or she should be accustomed to living.

The purchase of the cages that can house your parrot is also another issue that you need to be careful about. If you purchase a very small cage, then the parrot will not be able to fly about, and the longevity of the parrot will also decrease over time. If you have a very large cage, the amount of time taken in order for you to clean every inch of it during a maintenance can be a very tiresome job for you. So settle for a cage that can be between the needs of the parrot, and between the smallest size that you can find in the pet shop.

With the parrot, you need to get one feeding bowl, along with one or two water bowls. This ensures that the parrot will be hydrated all throughout the time that he or she is within the cage. During the hot summer time, dehydration can occur to the parrot. So make sure that the appropriate amount of water is located within the water bowl found within the cage, so that you do not find yourself facing a dead bird in the cage after you have come from a hard days of work.

Always try and put down newspapers below the cage. This enables you to take care of the stool that is passed by the parrot and ensures that you will find the cage ready after a minimal amount of cleaning. The only thing you need to do is to roll up that particular newspaper and throw it in your garbage bin.