Buying a parrot

Buying a parrot

In this article we shall talk about the questions you have to ask before buying a parrot.

So, here are the lists of questions that you should ask before you decide to buy a parrot.

  1. Is the parrot you are trying to buy healthy?

  2. If you are buying a baby parrot always consider about the time it spend with its parents.

  3. Is this parrot able to eat wide variety of foods or is it taught that way?

  4. What are the parrots likes and dislikes?

  5. What are the negatives of this parrot?

  6. How old is this parrot?

  7. Does this bird have any behavioral problems?

  8. What is the sex of parrot (male or female)?

  9. What is an ideal diet for this parrot?

  10. Games he/she likes to play.

  11. Does this parrot have aggressive nature? What about his biting habits?

  12. His/Her out of cage time?

  13. How long do you plan to keep this parrot as your pet?

  14. Will you be committed or it’s just a short term fantasy?

  15. Do you have enough time to take care of the parrot?

  16. Are you willing to bear the cost that is incurred by keeping a parrot?

Once you decide to have parrots as pet, you might also like to know about parrot problems and the ways to solve these problems.