Choosing the Right Parrot

Choosing Right Parrot

Choosing a good parrot for you is a vital step because it determines whether you will have a good time or bad time with your parrot. So, in this mail I will try to help you decide the best parrot for you.

Firstly decide what you want from your parrot. A good colorful parrot adds value to your home. They can be very playful and when you return home from work, spending some time with them just recharge you. Here are some parrot species with their characters so that you can decide which one you want.

  1. Jardine Parrot: They are beautifully colored, playful and curious parrot. With green body and dark stripes, they are one beautiful creature. They are capable of learning large vocabularies. If you want a parrot which can talk well then this parrot is for you.

  2. Pionus parrot: The are one quiet parrot with very low talking habit. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t talk. This parrot is suitable for those people who lives in an apartment or tract housing where neighborhood is close.

  3. Sun Conure parrot: This parrot is well known for its playful nature and noise as well. They have very shrill and piercing sound so; this parrot might not be a good choice if you like in a close neighborhood.

  4. African gray parrot: This parrot is very intelligent with good talking ability and very social in nature. They are known to whistle, shriek and squeak but the noise level is not that high.

  5. Amazon parrot: Well known for its talking and imitating capability, they can be ideal for anyone. They are playful, interactive and social in nature.

Choosing the right parrot will be a hard choice for you and to make this process more easier, you have to know about the types of parrot.