Ready for Parrot

Ready for Parrot

Keeping parrot as a pet is not only about giving them food or shelter. Parrots have a lot of expectation from owners. Giving food and shelter are basic activities that owner does but beside that there are lot more.

When you bring parrot home for the first time you should be prepared and everything needed should be in place. Coming to new home is hard for parrot and I am sure it’s hard for you too. Cage area should be far from noisy area and children so that parrot don’t get a bad feeling about the house.

When parrot first come to your house they expect you to be supportive and respectful. It is very hard for parrot to adapt to this new situation. It’s like going to another country where you don’t speak their language and they don’t speak yours.

Its better that you give names to parrot because it gives parrot a homely feeling. You should call parrot by name as far as possible.

Never punish your parrot physically because this leads to a huge gap in trust between owner and the parrot. This will result in permanent relation gap. Parrot are hungry for your love not punishment.

Parrot also love some time out from the cage and you should be ready to provide it. They also love playing around with owners and have fun so, you have to commit some time for your parrot. Two to three hours a day is the minimum time that you should spend with parrot.

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