Jardine Parrots

jardine parrots

Basic facts about Jardine Parrots

Average size: About 11 inches (28 cm) long

Native place: Central and West Africa

Talking skills: Very good

Jardine parrots are also commonly known as Red fronted parrot. Jardine parrot is a medium sized parrot with dominating green colored body with small red spot on its head. They are native to West and central Africa. The red or orange coloration is found in the thighs, bendof wings but it varies from species to species. Jardine parrots are well known for their beautiful colors. They have very playful and curious personality. Jardine parrots are known for its quick learning capacity. It is safe to say that Jardine parrots are quick learner when it comes to talking. It has a beautiful green body with dark stripes. An orange coloration can also be seen on wing epaulets, forehead and thighs once they mature. Jardine parrots are now becoming the most popular pet parrot because of their easy availability and intelligence. Their ability to built large vocabularies has made them one of the popular pet parrots now. Because of their temperament, size and voice they are ideal pet parrot for people who live in an apartments.

Jardine parrots are soft and warm to hold. They are a bit aggressive and irritable at times but that can be handled with proper training. They also have a tendency to bite but again, training can be handy in this matter as well. If you respect you bird then they will respect you and you should have no problem after that.

Jardine parrots are considered to be a quiet one by various standards. Most of Jardine Parrots learns to talk and imitate sounds. Some Jardine Parrots even learn to imitate the phone ringing.

Jardines are very playful and love to play along with toys. They like to chew so, choosing a toy for this purpose is a good idea.

Diet is very important for parrots. Seeds and nuts should be their top diet. The ideal protein content for Jardine Parrots is about 12% to 16%.

CAUTION: Don’t even think about giving your parrot chocolate, avocado or alcohol, they will surely kill your parrot. Few more things that you should avoid is rhubarb, asparagus, raw potato, eggplant, creams, cabbage, milk, caffeine and junk food. Fresh water is another vital part of their diet.