Parrot cage

Parrot cage

I am sure that you are planning to buy a cage for your parrot. Even if you spend all your time at home, parrots need a place where they can stay with privacy. And if you frequently go out, even then cage would be the safest place for your parrot. Having a cage doesn’t mean that you shut your parrot in the cage 24/7. You should let them out of the cage at least 4/5 hours a day preferably longer.

You might be thinking, what kind of cage parrot like? Then, here are some basic guidelines that should help you in choosing the right cage for your parrot

  1. Professionally made cages, most of us lack proper skills to make cages at home.

  2. Made from Stainless steel and the paint on it should be non toxic for parrot.
  3. The distance between two bars should be such that parrot's head doesn’t pass through them.

  4. Metal used to make the cage should be strong enough so that parrot cannot chew them or bend them.

  5. Top of the cage should be rectangular or square instead of dome shape because it gives parrot enough space to play.

  6. Parrot love bigger cages because they give them plenty of space to play. They should also have enough space to accommodate parrot's toys.

  7. The cage should be large enough so that a parrot can easily flap his/her wings and move around it.

  8. A cage with openings for water and seed is preferred because you can easily change food and water from outside.

  9. Parrot are intelligent birds, don’t underestimate them. Make the cage door secured by using padlocks or other safety locks.

  10. If you are thinking of using used cage then make sure that all above conditions are met and the cage has no rust or bend parts in the bar

Consider this guide very well and you will give your parrot one sweet home to live.