Parrot Food

parrot food

Once you have decided about the parrot you want and also about the cage for you pet parrot, its time that you learn something about the foods for parrots. Choosing right food for your pet parrot is very important because it determines the health and lifespan of your parrot.

The main diet for parrots includes buds, seeds, pollen, fruit and nectar. Parrot also prefer animal prays like insects but not on higher degree. Among these diets they love seeds and it is the most important part of parrots’ diet. These mentioned diets are natural food for parrots but there are some foods that you can give your parrot which are available at your place.

Vegetables like Brocolli and Celery are good for parrots along with Corn and seeds. You can give your pet parrot a mixture of seeds so that he/she gets well rounded diet. You can also opt in for various packaged foods for your parrot.

Also don’t forget to give your parrot plenty of water because they eat a lot of seeds. Proper digestion of seeds requires a lot of water.

Dangerous Foods for parrots

The food you eat is not always suitable for parrots. Don’t give parrot your food because it might be dangerous or even fatal sometimes. Giving Alcohol to your parrot is not a good idea. Even small dose of alcohol might prove fatal or it may cause prolong illnesses. You also have to avoid caffeine, rhubarb, onion and avocado as well. Even though parrots love seeds, you have to be careful while giving parrots sunflower seeds because some parrots don’t have good toleration when it comes to sunflower seeds.

Finally, when you buy food online it’s always wise to do some research about the food and whether it is suitable for your parrot or not.