Parrot illness

Parrot illness

Unlike other birds parrots are more immune to many diseases. Parrots are less susceptible to illnesses. Having said that, let me add another thing here; don’t be careless. It is always handy to know about parrots' illness, its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Here are some common health issues that parrots face but these illnesses may vary from species to species. The diseases that I have listed here are only some common illnesses.

  1. Aspergillosis: It is a fungal infection that is known to cause respiration problem. This is one of the fatal diseases in parrot. Its main symptoms include change in breathing pattern, wheezing and gasping.

  2. Psittacine Beak and Feather disease (PBFD): This disease causes beak lesions and feather loss. This disease is fatal for parrots as well.

  3. Psittacosis: It causes respiratory distress in parrot and this disease can also transmit to humans. This disease is also fatal for parrots.

Here are some common symptoms that parrots show and if you see this symptoms its time to contact veterinarian.

  • Appetite loss

  • Too much sleep

  • Attitude or behavior change

  • Signs of debris or dust in the face and feather

  • Color and odor change is also a common symptom

  • Qualitative or quantitative change in feathers

  • Eyes, vent or nose discharge

  • Inability to hold head up or walk

  • Hardness in breathing

If you notice these common symptoms then you should probably take your parrot to a veterinarian because these simple symptoms may prove fatal if not treated earlier on. Regular checkups would help you in prevention of these diseases.

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