Parrot problems

Parrot problems

Unlike other birds parrots are more immune to many diseases. They are less susceptible to illnesses. Having said that, let me add another thing here; don’t be careless. It is always handy to know about parrot’s illness, its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Here are some parrot's most common diseases you should be aware of while gerring ready for parrot.

Aspergillosis: Aspergillosis is a parrot disease characterized by breathing difficulties or open mouth breathing, depression and weight loss. Also it may cause some changes in voice. You can treat this problem but it is expensive and sometime it has a poor effect if the case is chronic. You can use antifungal drugs but any medical treatment must be watched by a specialist. It is possible to control this parrot problem with a proper diet, minimizing the exposure from polluted air and keeping a good hygiene.

Avian Polyoma Virus: The first symptom of Avian Polyoma Virus is depression and diarrhea for couple of days. To prevent this parrot problem you must vaccinate your bird and off course a very good hygiene.

Pacheco's Disease Virus: In this case the parrot can die without showing any symptoms at all. If you observed any weakness, diarrhea and regurgitation, immediately go to a veterinarian. The key to solve this parrot problem is to follow an orally treatment with acyclovir every 8 hours, but only with a veterinarian prescription.

PDD (Proventicular Dilation Disease): This is a parrot problem more common to the adult birds with progressive weight loss. If your parrot has a big appetite then you can easily guess that its appetite has reduced. In this case it is also observed that your parrot pass huge amount of undigested food (about 75%) This disease is also accompanied by problems on central nervous system. This is the one of the most acute parrot’s problem because there is no treatment to cure this virus.

Other common parrot’s problems
One of the most important parrot’s problems is connected with their behaviors. Many scientists have tried to explain the behavior problems. The most common behavior problems are biting, making a lot of noise and becoming unfriendly with new people. The main cause of these problems is a simple fact of hand-rearing. A hand-reared parrot is much more attached to the man, but at the age of maturity there are some problems like the tendency to show sexual imprinting to humans. Also because of the big attachment to human who reared him he could bite everyone approaching that person.

If you keep your parrot at the cage much of the time then this might create another parrot problem called flight deprivation. All these parrot problems can be solved. Many specialists advice not to hand rear the parrots. One vital point to note is that your parrot should have at least two to three hour of out of cage time everyday. This will help your parrot in great extend and keep their spirit high.