Parrot tricks

Parrot Trick

1. A simple parrot trick to teach him/her how to talk

First of all, you must use simple word or simple sentences for a command. Also you must use the same sentence or word for the same command, do not change it while you train the parrot. Be patient, do not speak with a loud voice or you will scare the parrot. Every time your parrot succeeds to do your task you can encourage him by giving some foods or anything that he/she likes. This is an expert parrot trick – the parrots love being praised.

2. How to make your parrot get use when they are held by you

The most important parrot trick is to make the parrot trust you. He needs to feel comfortable, so you must try again and again until the parrot trusts you and let you hold them. A useful parrot trick is not to force your parrot to do something he does not want to do. You should understand that the way parrot learn something is by experience. Once he gets used to with an exercise, it will be easier in the future.

3. Some parrot trick that you should know about training the parrots

It is never too late to train a parrot. But you should know that your parrot will never listen to you if you don’t fulfil his/her needs. It is very important that your parrot feels safe and comfortable with a quiet environment and a big cage along with some toys. After that he will get use to with you and step by step he will start listening to you. A very important parrot trick consists of encouraging him with enthusiastic exclamations and gestures.

4. How to make your parrot speak

If his/her needs are met the parrot feels safe and happy. This will make parrot speak. The essential trick is to speak with him by using the same words over and over again. It is just like you speak to a little baby. After a while he will memorize your word and will start to imitate you. At the beginning he will not speak very fluently, but keep trying – this parrot trick is the hardest, but most spectacular. This training requires a lot of patient form your side. One important fact you should remember is that don’t overdo things. Forcing you parrot to do things might have a bad effect on your parrot and there is a high chance that you will loose trust of your parrot. Please make sure that you have fun with parrot while teaching him/her these tricks.

5. About the training session

Everybody wants to teach his parrot some tricks. A good advice on how to organize the training session is to pay attention to the time of training session. Never make a long training session. This will tire your bird. It will have a negative impact on your bird. This will eventually leads to lack in interest from the bird and he/she will resist the next learning session.

You can use these parrot trick mentioned above to your parrot, but never forget that parrots need love and care – this is the first and most important trick above all.

These are only a few parrot tricks that you can follow while training your parrots.