Parrots pet

Parrots pet

Parrots pet is one great thing to have. They are colorful, entertaining and impressive with more interactive capacity then any other pets known out there. They are also great companions for humans. Parrots, by nature are very clever and bear a capacity of imitating and talking. Parrot pet can be a very long term commitment because they are known to live for over 100 years (amazing and unbelievable). In most cases your parrot pet will outlive you. They are very closely attached to their owners and show their emotions according to yours. Keeping a parrot pet is a life long commitment and you should be ready for that. Even the smallest parrot can live up to 20 years so, be prepared for that.

If you are looking a life long companion then a parrot pet is the best choice for you. Most common pets like cats and dogs have an average lifespan of 25 years whereas parrots have an average lifespan of 50 years, nearly twice the age of dogs and cats.

Parrot’s ability to speak makes them one perfect pet for you. Imagine a parrot pet companion that will speak with you? Even though their vocabulary is not that strong, you can teach them few words which they will repeat once in a while. It feels great that your pet is repeating the words that you have taught him/her. In addition to that, the time you spend with parrot for teaching could be a very enjoyable moment for both you and your parrot pet. This is also an ideal way to increase bonding with your parrot pet.

They are one clever bird with a sweet voice. Once you tame them well, they show you some tricks, walk around your shoulder and also perform some amazing tricks for you. Above all you can teach them how to talk. Most parrots love to whistle in the mornings and in the afternoon. Don’t worry it’s not noisy instead they whistle in a very sweet voice and gives you a very pleasing effect. They love to play around your arms and hands. They always seek your attention. Some parrots are even capable of mimicking words you speak. Parrots are also well known for living happily with other species of birds. Parrot pet is one ideal choice for everyone no matter where you live and how you live.

If you want a parrot as pet, you might consider parrots for adoption. This will be a great social service and a great service in your part.