Sun Conure Parrots

sun conure parrots

Sun Conure parrots are a medium-sized multi colored parrot from northeastern and South America. Adult male and female parrots are similar in appearance, with predominantly golden-yellow plumage along with orange-red face and belly. Sun Conure parrot has a body length of about 20 cm.

The name “Sun Conure” probably was given because of their body color similar to that of the sun. Their body is full of yellow and red coloration and they also resemble the color of rainbow in some part of their body. The term “conure” means a small sized parrot with a long tail. Sun Conure parrots are very lovely and charming. They are also very friendly to humans.

They live in forests with small groups and what one really interesting thing to know is that they are very caring about one another. Sun Conure parrots feeds on seeds, fruits and some flowers. Average life span of Sun Conure parrots is about 25 – 30 years. They prefer to make their nest on the top of trees.

An important fact is that the Sun Conure parrots are protected by Red Book’s laws. This means that Sun Conure parrots are under risk of extinction. There are several causes that make Sun Conure species under risk of extinction. Some of them include deforestation, haunting or capturing them. The Sun Conure is restricted to central Guyana, Roraima state Brazil and Surinam.

Sun Conure parrots have a strong personality. They are highly appreciated by many parrot owners but they might be a real challenge for inexperienced owners. Sun Conure parrots are very playful, curious and inquisitive. It is obvious that Sun Conure parrots seek love from their owners.

Comparing Sun Conure parrots with other small-size parrots, it is true that they are louder. They can imitate humans but not as good as big parrots. Sun conure parrots are not bad at all when it comes to imitating. Sun Conure parrots are very easy to train. They learn much faster than other parrots.

It is very important that you ensure a variety in their diets. Like other parrots, they need good food; some freedom and private area. Some training can be given to sun conure parrots to tame them.

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