Taming Parrots

Taming Parrots

Parrot by nature are wild. They have a wild nature and this nature reflects in their behavior. You cannot expect a good behaving parrot at once. It is a very hard job to tame them. If you start taming them without any guidelines then it would be a disaster. Every bird has its own issues that make them aggressive. For example some birds have fear or even emotional problems. This will result in tough response from birds if tried to handle. Generally parrot tries to bite you if they are aggressive or fearful.

Here are some steps that you can take to properly tame your pet parrot:

  1. Always make a time table for training and follow it strictly.

  2. Take your parrot to another area for training. Parrots tend to be resistant when trained at their cage.

  3. One drastic step that you can take is to clip their wings if they become very aggressive.

  4. Evening time is the best time for training because parrots are somewhat passive at this time when the light is low.

  5. Don’t retract or show you fear to parrot when they bite you.

  6. If your bird bites too much, you can use a thick glove or towel to protect yourself. This also teaches your bird that no matter how hard he/she tries there is no effect at all.

  7. Repeat the same training exercise over and over again every day but don’t overwork your parrot.

  8. When you try to control your parrot use gentle touch and soft voice.

  9. Talking in a loud voice or yelling is a bad idea when it comes to taming your pet parrot.

Once you are successful in taming and disciplining you parrot, you can start to teach him/her some tricks.