Teach parrot to talk

teach parrot to talk

How to teach a parrot to talk?

Almost all parrots have the capacity to talk and imitate. The degree of talking and imitation vary from species to species but in general it is safe to say that every parrot can talk. But this doesn’t mean that they will learn themselves. There are many resources that teach you how to teach your parrot to talk, but here are some general tips.

  1. Keep your parrot in human circle.

  2. If you have other talking parrot then keep with them.

  3. Always talk to you parrot by using basic words like “Hello”, “Hi” or “Hi, your pet parrot name” in the beginning.

  4. The ideal time to start teaching your parrot is between ages 3 to 7 month.

  5. Repeat same word again and again so that your parrot learns it fast.

  6. Assign some words to activities. For e.g.: when you lift your parrot say “up” or when you put it down say “down” or when you give him food say “yummy”

  7. A recording of desired word and then playing back is a good idea. But don’t do this for more then 10 minutes because you feel irritated when someone does that and so does parrot.

  8. When your parrot mimics words give his some rewards like food or something he likes so that the parrot gets encouraged.

  9. Always start the teaching process by using simple monosyllabic words like “Hi”

  10. Don’t try to teach multiple words at the same time. Teach your bird one word at a time. Once he/she imitates word perfectly then you can jump to another word.

  11. Don’t rush. Take you time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Once you teach parrot to talk its time to enjoy the company of a nice parrot but make sure that you are aware of parrot illnesses.