Training Parrot

training parrot

A parrot is not only capable of talking and mimic but they are also capable of performing some tricks if you teach them well. In this article we shall talk about some tricks that parrot can do. Before you start training these tricks you have to understand that the training period should be short and never force your pet parrot to do anything against his/her will.

  1. While starting training make sure that there is no distraction and the room is well lit.

  2. You have to be very patient while giving training to your pet parrot.

  3. The easiest training that you can start up with is simple “step up” tricks. This is basically an exercise in which you teach your bird to step unto an object that is in front of him.

  4. You can also use your finger as an obstacle for step up tricks.

  5. Simple movement training is also effective. Trainings like moving forward is also a good idea.

  6. Another training that you can give to your parrot is a turn around tricks. You can entice your bird with some food for this training.

  7. “Wings up” is another trick that you can teach your parrot.

  8. Lying on their back is also another simple trick that you can teach your bird.

  9. Teaching you bird to kiss is another trick. In this case kissing means that your parrot touches your chicks by its beaks.

  10. There are various other tricks that you can teach your parrot like identifying objects, play instruments etc but these are complex tasks and these training require a lot of time and patient from your side. Never start these tricks unless your parrot is good at above mentioned tricks first.